Terms of use

These Rules are drawn up on the basis of the “Regulations on the Information Library Center of the International Taraz Innovation Institute” and regulate the relationship between the ILC and its users.

1. Rights and obligations of the user.
The user has the right to:
– traditionally and online format to use the main types of library, bibliographic and information services provided by the ILC;
– the right to use the library is given to university students, undergraduates, PhD doctoral students, teaching staff and researchers;
– to receive complete information on the composition of the ILC funds and advice in the search and selection of information sources;
– to receive documents for temporary use at home or for use in the reading room;
– receive documents or their copies by electronic delivery of documents (EDD) in the prescribed manner;
– to participate in events held by the ILC;
– contact the administration of the ILC with various inquiries and suggestions.

2. The user is obliged:
– readers are obliged to follow the rules of using the library;
– take good care of the documents received from the CIC fund, return them in due time;
– annually at the beginning of the academic year, re-register with the presentation of all documents listed for him; users who have not passed re-registration – are not served;
– upon leaving the university, return to the ILC all the documents listed for it and sign the bypass list;
– in case of loss or damage of documents, replace them with documents recognized by the administration of the ILC as equivalent;
– to reimburse the cost of the lost edition in case of impossibility of its equivalent replacement;

– upon receipt of documents, look through each edition and, if any defects are found, inform the employee of the ILC about this;

– responsibility for damage to documents is borne by the reader who used them last;
– to maintain silence and order when visiting the ILC and maintain correct relations with other readers and employees.

3. The reader is not allowed to:
– to take out documents from the premises of the CIC, if they are not recorded in the reader’s form;
– take books out of the library without signing for them;

– spoil library publications (make notes, underline, tear-out sheets, fold books, do not spoil barcodes, etc.);
– to enter offices and book depositories without permission;
– to carry out without permission various types of work on the PC installed in the IBC;
– enter the premises of the ILC in outer clothing and with bags;
– to break the silence and order in the library.

4. Rights and obligations of CIC
ILC has the right:
– to exercise constant control over the return of the issued books to the library;
– apply penalties to users who violate the Rules for using the ILC, established by the administration of the library;
– to collect from users the real market value in 10 times the amount of lost or damaged publications, and in case of persistent unwillingness to reimburse lost or damaged publications, contact the faculty where the student is studying in order to apply measures before expulsion from the educational institution.

ILC is obliged:
– to ensure the possibility of using all the funds of the library with a lack of necessary literature;
– provide the user with a copy of the necessary educational material on electronic media if electronic equipment is available;
– to create and maintain the necessary conditions in the library for the work of users;
– inform users about all types of services provided;
– to study and most fully satisfy the needs of users;
– to improve library and information services and the promotion of books, using for this purpose various forms of individual and mass work with readers, as well as introducing computerization and advanced technology;
– to register, store and use the publications in the fund in accordance with the established rules;
– to monitor the timely return of the books issued to the user to the library, to carry out the next issuance of books to the user at home only after receiving from him previously issued books, the period of use of which has expired;
– 20 days after the expiration of the term for using the books, inform the reader about the need to return them to the library within 3 days;
– if the books are not returned to the library within this period, the library sends the user a written request for their return or replacement within 20 days with equal content and value;
– the requirement must contain a warning that in case of non-return from the user, the cost of these printed works in 10 times the amount will be uncontested.

5. Order of user registration
– when registering, the user gets acquainted in the prescribed manner with the Terms of Use of the ILC and receives a library card;
– A library card is issued by the teaching staff, students and staff of the university are issued on a subscription number 1 and (Satpayev st., Educational complex number 3);

– The library card is valid only if there is a photo of the reader and the seal of the ILC; the library card

– validity of a library card – the entire period of study of a student and a master’s student or the period of work of an employee;
– students and undergraduates are enrolled in the ILC on the basis of enrollment orders;
– teachers, employees to register at the ILC present an ID card of the ITIII employee or an identity card.

6. Rules for the use of reading rooms:
– in open access funds, readers select publications on their own;
– the number of publications issued in the reading rooms is not limited;
– reference, rare and valuable editions, the last and only copy of the edition is given out for work in the reading room.