The history and activities of the library

2008 – Taraz Innovation and Humanities University was registered as a legal entity as the successor of the Taraz Institute of the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after A. Yasawi.
With the opening of the Taraz Innovative Humanitarian University, the Information and Library Center began to provide services to teachers and students, fulfilling its primary mission – to contribute to the development of education and science.
The fund was based on 3400 books, the staff consisted of 6 people, the number of readers was about 1000 people. The book fund is classified according to the universal decimal classification table (UDC).

2009-2010 academic year
In order to fulfill the strategic paths of library development, a sector for replenishing the book fund, 1 subscription, 2 reading rooms and an electronic reading room were opened in the information and library center. Since the opening day, the information and library center has actively begun to automate library processes by installing the software “Library 4.02.” The operating electronic catalog is based on the KABIS program (Kazakh automated library and information system), developed by the Kazakh Soft company. Within the framework of the program, the electronic catalogs “Book”, “Articles”, “Subscription to periodicals”, “Replenishment of periodicals” have been created and data entry has begun.
The automated library technology consisted of 7 computers and 1 printer.
From 2008 to 31.08.2010 the center was headed by Gulmira Esirkepova.

2010-2011 academic year

In order to satisfy the readers’ requests of the university in the educational building on K. Satpayev Street, reading room No. 2, electronic reading room No. 2, with 4 sets of computers and free use of Internet services were opened. At the same time, work was underway to organize subscription number 2. In the educational buildings on Koigeldy Street, subscription number 1, reading rooms number 1.3, and electronic reading room number 1 continued to work.
On September 1, 2010, Ozbekova Amankul Andabaevna was appointed director of the center.

2011-2012 academic year

As part of the fulfillment of the tasks set, IBC carried out a number of strategic measures to modernize and integrate the library:
Reading room No. 1 and electronic reading room have been moved to the address Rysbek Batyr, 13 “B” and a place has been allocated for storing books.
The book fund of subscription number 1 was completed taking into account the directions of training of specialties and was transferred to the educational building on K. Satpayev street. Reading room 2 has been allocated a new place and is fully equipped with new furniture. In both educational buildings, university students were provided with access to the Internet service and electronic textbooks. Electronic reading rooms were equipped with 14 computers, administration and library departments – 4 computers and 1 printer.
In May 2012, an agreement was signed with Kazakh Soft LLP on
operation of the KABIS.Full modules of the KABIS program:
– administration; replenishment of the book fund; cataloging; card index of articles; book search; searching and ordering a Web-module, as well as working with software modules of the educational process with a book and entering a barcode into the book fund.
In 2011, A. Ozbekova, D. Tazhibaeva, M. Azimkulova, M. Nazarbekova, A. Ainakulova received certificates from Kazakh Soft LLP about participation in training seminars.
2012 On December 5, he became a member of the Association of University Libraries. The number of library employees is 7 people.

2012-2013 academic year
On the basis of a cooperation agreement within the framework of the Project: “Corporate interaction of university libraries of the Zhambyl region” between the BIC TarSU named after M.Kh.Dulati and the Scientific Library of TarSPI and TIGU created conditions for widespread use by users of the “Database of corporate articles”.
The exchange of electronic resources was carried out monthly by means of export-import.
Uzbekova A.A. a bibliographic index of scientific works of Doctor of Technical Sciences was compiled. J. Abdula from the series “Scientists”.
Much attention is paid to improving the professional skills of the library staff. To this end, librarians actively participate in republican training events to improve their qualifications.
2012 f. N. Kalgabaeva received a certificate from Kazakh Soft LLP on participation in training seminars.
10/15/2012 A. Ozbekova, N. Kalkabayeva, D. Tazhibaeva, A. Doskozhaeva, A. Ainabekova took part in the workshop “School of a competent librarian”, organized by the scientific library of TarSU in 2012 to develop the skills of automated information processes in the sphere of their work.
April 25-26, 2013 at the Scientific Library of the Eurasian National University. L.N. Gumilyov, director of the IBTs-Uzbekova A.A. took part in the international conference “World experience, problems and achievements”.
The staff has increased to 10 people.

2013-2014 academic year

Since 2013, in order to provide comprehensive support for the requests of students and faculty, the IBC has gained access to:
– to domestic full-text library electronic resources of the National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan (KazNEB);
– to the Republican Interuniversity Electronic Library (RMEB) .;
– to electronic full-text resources of the Elsevier database.
And also the library signed an agreement for the free use of the services of the libraries:
– KSU Centralized Public Library System of Taraz city;
– KSU Zhambyl Regional Universal Scientific Library named after Sh. Valikhanov;
– Zhambyl Regional Children’s and Youth Library
– Moscow State University Zhambyl Regional Library for the Blind and Visually Impaired, etc.
In July-August 2014, 16,058 copies of electronic textbooks (CD-ROMs) were copied.

2015-2016 academic year
In 2016, having signed an agreement with JSC National Information Technology Center, access to the databases of Thomson Reuters, SpringerLink was provided.
Students and teaching staff of the university got access to 1680 textbooks and teaching aids on 188 computers of the university in order to use the resources of the library without interrupting the educational process.

2016-2017 academic year
On the coordination of JSC “Scientific Center of State Scientific and Technical Expertise” in May 2017, on a contractual basis, the contract for the Electronic Information Resources of the Web of Science Springer Link Database for users was extended. A special representative was invited and a training seminar was held among the faculty.
A. Ozbekova was awarded the medal of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Best in the field of culture” in recognition of her contribution to the library.

2019-2020 academic year
The Coworking hall, opened in the Student House, was supplied with traditional and electronic (CD) textbooks in various specialities, and banners with QR codes of 100 new textbooks on the Rukhani Zhagyru program were placed in the reading rooms and the Coworking hall so that students have the ability to use books on your own.

2020-2021 academic year
Conditions were created for remote access by purchasing 2 digital electronic libraries, which consist of textbooks, teaching aids and scientific publications:
 Database of e-books LLP Hi-Tech Lab “Aknurpress”;
 Electronic library system IPRbooks
By connecting to the electronic library system, the university provided students with remote access to a huge amount of literature recommended for educational purposes.
Electronic library system IPR BOOKS is a leading provider of digital content for educational institutions and public libraries. The resource is actively used in the scientific community – in higher and secondary specialized educational institutions, public libraries, public and private structures.
EBS IPR BOOKS includes publications for the last 10 years (in the humanities, social and economic sciences – for the last 5 years), the list of them is constantly growing. The content of EBS IPR BOOKS is monthly updated with new electronic editions, periodicals (including journals included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission). On 03/01/2021 Sapargalieva Symbat Nurgalievna was appointed as the Director of ILC.

Today the general book fund consists of books, electronic textbooks, master’s theses, abstracts, electronic resources; periodicals, educational-methodical complexes.