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All seminars are free and conducted in Russian. The duration of each seminar is usually 1 hour.

The seminar schedule is based on Moscow time (UTC / GMT +3 hours) – please consider this if you are in a different time zone. To participate in the seminar, you need to choose a day and time convenient for you and follow the “registration” link.

The name and surname in the fields of the registration form can be indicated in any language, BUT in the certificate they will be indicated only as you wrote them.

Certificates are sent out within 3-4 weeks after the end of all webinars of the month (please read the terms in the What you need to know to get a certificate? Section).

Webinar Schedule – May 2021
Scientific analytics: Web of Science and InCites

The webinars of this series are hosted by Varvara Sosedova and Pavel Kasyanov.

1. Additional opportunities for searching and analyzing information on the Web of Science platform

Search and analysis of information in specialized databases and regional indexes on the Web of Science platform (Russian Science Citation Index, Medline, etc.). Advanced search capabilities in the Web of Science Core Collection, search by organization and research area. Composing search queries using search fields and boolean operators. Search in the cited bibliography.

– May 18, Tuesday 07:00 (Moscow time)
– May 18, Tuesday 10:00 (Moscow time)
– May 18, Tuesday 14:00 (Moscow time)
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2. Possibilities of the analytical tool InCites for citation analysis

InCites is an analytical framework that allows you to compare and visualize citation data from the Web of Science Core Collection database. InCites also allows you to operate with dozens of additional bibliometric indicators, many of which allow you to compare the citations of publications made in different subject areas. All this allows us to compare authors, organizations and entire countries, analyze the strengths in our research, and also find emerging research trends. At the webinar, we will talk about how the InCites interface works and we will analyze a number of the most interesting examples of the analysis of organizations, countries, individual authors, as well as the search for breakthrough scientific topics.

– May 19, Wednesday 10:00 (Moscow time)
– May 19, Wednesday 12:00 (Moscow time)
– May 19, Wednesday 14:00 (Moscow time)
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3. Organization Profiles in the Web of Science Core Collection: Creating and Editing

We have significantly simplified the procedure for creating organizational profiles, and we will definitely tell you about it at the webinar, but most importantly, we will analyze all the subtleties associated with updating organizational profiles: what is it for, how publications are linked to organizational profiles, and what you can do if suddenly noticed in Web of Science documents not tied to your profile.
At the same time, we will see what opportunities arise for you when the organization profile is created and regularly updated, and we will answer your questions related to the assessment of the scientific performance of organizations.

– May 20, Thursday 10:00 (Moscow time)
– May 20, Thursday 12:00 (Moscow time)
– May 20, Thursday 14:00 (Moscow time)
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Series: Basic Clarivate Resources for Science

The webinars of this series are hosted by Varvara Sosedova.

1. New WoS: basic search, new features and new opportunities

In this webinar, we will talk about changes in a number of functions related to the appearance of the new Web of Science interface, which are available in the Basic Search: search operators, truncation and replacement symbols, search fields, analysis of search results, saving the results obtained, creating and adjusting reports on quoting, setting up notifications.

– May 21, Friday 07:00 (Moscow time)
– May 24, Monday 14:00 (Moscow time)
– May 25, Tuesday 10:00 (Moscow time)
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2. Journals in the Web of Science: how to select and evaluate

Magazine formats and business models. Signs of predatory magazines. Formation of a list of subject publications for publication using Web of Science, Master Journal List, EndNote (Match) and Journal Citation Reports. Citation indicators of a scientific journal, impact factor and quartiles. Journal Citation Reports for evaluating and comparing journals according to the required parameters.

– May 21, Friday 10:00 (Moscow time)
– May 24, Monday 07:00 (Moscow time)
– May 25, Tuesday 14:00 (Moscow time)
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3. How to find an author’s work in the new Web of Science and evaluate his publication activity

Evaluation of the publication activity of the author and confirmation of copyright records in the new Web of Science. New Citation Reports and New Beamplots. ResearcherID unique identifier for the author. Author profile in Publons, changes being made.

– May 21, Friday 14:00 (Moscow time)
– May 24, Monday 10:00 (Moscow time)
– May 25, Tuesday 07:00 (Moscow time)
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Series: How to Prepare a Publication for an International Scientific Journal

All webinars in this series are conducted by Valeria Kurmakaeva

1. Possibilities of EndNote for working with bibliography

Build your own bibliographic database using EndNote Online. Sort records, create groups and control access to them. Using bibliography design templates. Using the Cite-While-You-Write Module for Microsoft Word and creating a bibliography directly while writing the text.

– May 26, Wednesday 14:00 (Moscow time)
– May 27, Thursday 11:00 (Moscow time)
– May 28, Friday 08:00 (Moscow time)
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2. Basic requirements for publications in international journals

The expectations of the editor. The main reasons for refusals to publish. Working with revisions of reviewers. The structure of the scientific article. Practical advice on writing the main sections. Distinctive features of academic English. Drawing up an annotation. Writing headers. Choice of keywords.

– May 26, Wednesday 08:00 (Moscow time)
– May 27, Thursday 14:00 (Moscow time)
– May 28, Friday 11:00 (Moscow time)
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3. Preparation of the publication: organization and editing of the text, the work of the editor

Basic principles of organizing the text of a scientific article; argumentation in the English-speaking tradition; how to edit text at all levels of its organization; principles of auto-editing; what is the editor’s job.

– May 26, Wednesday 11:00 (Moscow time)
– May 27, Thursday 08:00 (Moscow time)
– May 28, Friday 14:00 (Moscow time)
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